Thursday, 27 October 2011

How are you making your staff feel valued?

I was startled to read that 'There is a Gallagher Organization statistic which reports that more than 60 percent of current employees are planning to leave their positions as soon as another opportunity presents itself' *
Having already borne the cost of recruiting and training, and presumably retaining the best through any changes you've made in staff numbers, the thought of 60% of them jumping ship at the first opportunity must be truly horrifying!

So what are you doing to ensure you hang on to your employees? Making them feel valued should feature high on your priority list.

At Synergy Sailing we're delighted to see that our 'Team Development Sailing Days' are more popular than ever. So it seems the smart employers are investing in team morale which is great news all round.

Sailing is widely recognised as the best activity for team development. As well as providing exciting 'reward and recognition' days we go out of our way to add value. Our fun team building exercises translate beautifully back to the workplace to make lasting change and positive improvement.

Give us a call on 07985 459803 or email to find out how we can help you bring some synergy to your business.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Testimonial joy...

Its always good to get great feedback from satisifed clients. Darryl Crossley of Distinguished Carriages completed our 'Gr8er Business Outcomes' programme and had this to say:

A great day - excellent
The communication was 100% from the point of arranging the day, right through to leaving the boat, just what I like.
The day was well planned with plenty of room for contingencies - not needed as everything went just as laid out in the itinerary. This gave all of the confidence to get on with the tasks in hand, yet allowed us to remain relaxed and take in the whole days experience.
As well as showing us about the need for planning, for structure and for building our confidence in an unknown environment, it was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.
Thank you David.

Its especially rewarding because he clearly took away everything we set out to deliver in terms of good planning, effective communications, fully briefing the team and ensuring they were ready for the job. Thanks Darryl


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Gr8er Business Outcomes - new programme launch

We're delighted to be launching the next 'Gr8er Business Outcomes' programme with workshop 1 on 17th November 2011 at New Place Conference Centre, Shirrel Heath, Southampton.

Aimed at successful business owners who are keen to grow their businesses or are facing challenges associated with managing a growing business the programme is for those who want to:

Retain existing clients whilst attracting and winning new business
Recruit, develop and retain good performers
Take a step back and plan strategically
for the business
Become better leaders
Develop and communicate their
Get everyone onboard.

Gr8er Business Outcomes delivers tips, techniques and practical tools that can be implemented easily to have an immediately positive impact (and includes an innovative days of leadership and crew management aboard a 40' yacht to apply new skills and embed the learning)

Click on for more details and to apply for grant funding